Command line options

When invoking microraiden from the commandline, you have several options:


microraiden [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]...


--channel-manager-address <channel_manager_address>

Ethereum address of the channel manager contract.

--state-file <state_file>

State file of the proxy

--private-key <private_key>

Path to private key file of the proxy [required]

--private-key-password-file <private_key_password_file>

Path to file containing password for the JSON-encoded private key

--ssl-cert <ssl_cert>

Cerfificate of the server (cert.pem or similar)

--gas-price <gas_price>

Gas price of outbound transactions

--rpc-provider <rpc_provider>

Address of the Ethereum RPC provider

--ssl-key <ssl_key>

SSL key of the server (key.pem or similar)

--paywall-info <paywall_info>

Directory where the paywall info is stored. The directory should contain an index.html file with the payment info/webapp. Content of the directory (js files, images..) is available on the “js/” endpoint.


microraiden start [OPTIONS]


--host <host>

Address of the proxy

--port <port>

Port of the proxy