Welcome to µRaiden’s documentation!

What is µRaiden?

µRaiden (read: Micro Raiden) is a payment channel framework for frequent, fast and free ERC20 token based micropayments between two parties. It comes as a set of open source libraries, documentation, and code examples for multiple use cases, ready to implement on the Ethereum mainnet. Whereas its big brother, the Raiden Network, aims to allow for multihop transfers via a network of bidirectional payment channels, µRaiden already enables to make micropayments through unidirectional payment channels.


Schematic overview of an exemplaric µRaiden application [1] [3]

Try out the demos

We have deployed some demo applications that make extensive use of µRaiden in your browser. Although you need some testnet-Ether and MetaMask, it’s a very easy starting point to try out µRaiden. Just follow the instructions on https://demo.micro.raiden.network/

Next steps

If you want to start playing with µRaiden, a good starting point is to check out the Tutorials section. Best you start with the developer setup and continue with our Blockchain Tutorial.

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[2]Raspberry PI Pictograms by TinkTank.club
[3]All other icons from http://icomoon.io IcoMoon Icon Pack Free, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License