Try the echo service

System context

In order to get you started, we created an example application, that receives micropayments and some parameter over a http-request - and simply echos this parameter when the micropayment was valid. Please follow the microraiden installation instructions and the instructions to set up geth.


Schematic overview of a machine-to-machine µRaiden application [3]

Starting the µRaiden Receiver

Before starting the receiver, it needs to be assigned a private key with some TKN. Navigate to ./microraiden/microraiden/examples and create a new file containing your private key as exported in the Blockchain Setup guide by MetaMask. The file should be named pk_tut.txt.

From the root directory of µRaiden, start:

python microraiden/examples/ --private-key microraiden/examples/pk_tut.txt

Starting the µRaiden Sender

To actually start the request for resource /hello, we will fire up the µRaiden client with the prefunded account.

While the Receiver is still running (in another terminal window for example), execute this command from the µRaiden root folder:

python microraiden/examples/ --private-key microraiden/examples/pk_tut.txt --resource /echofix/hello

After some seconds, you should get the output

INFO:root:Got the resource /echofix/hello type=text/html; charset=utf-8:
This means:
  • a channel has been created
  • a deposit of 50 aTKN has been escrowed
  • a micropayment of 1 aTKN has been transferred to the receiver
  • the receiver returned the requested resource (the “hello” parameter in this simple case) for this payment

Congratulations, you just performed your first micropayment!


[1]All robot icons made by Freepic from
[2]Raspberry PI Pictograms by
[3]All other icons from IcoMoon Icon Pack Free, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License